Weeks 101 and 102

A third fortnight-note (and a bit late, sorry).1

  • We’ve welcomed even more brilliant new people to the team over the last few weeks. Ruth has joined us from the DTA as our Research Lead, supporting all our teams to do great user research. David and Damian have joined us from IP Australia to help us with our approach to building APIs and a strong developer ecosystem.

  • We are hiring! We have open roles for product managers and delivery managers, open until 25 August. These are ongoing (permanent) roles and open to new and existing public servants. We’re looking for people in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and just about anywhere inbetween. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the roles.

  • Over in Export Assurance, we’re starting an alpha looking at how we can take the outcomes of our audits and make them available to businesses online. In particular we’re looking at ‘corrective action requests’, which is where a business has to take specific actions in response to an audit and send us the evidence that they’ve done it.

    It’s (very) early days, but we’re also looking at how we could reduce the number of audits that a business might receive from different people - not just from us, but from state governments and other businesses like supermarkets.

  • Our Export Profile team have released the first version of the new Export Account. It’s now available to users who are in the private beta of our Readiness service. Whilst the first release is small, it’s laying the technical foundations for some really useful features in the future, like a single inbox for export notifications and the ability to change your details once.

  • We’re making good progress on our approach to agile communications. We are very close to launching a blog. At the same time, more team members have started writing week notes - have a read of Tracey’s week notes from the Export Intelligence team. Gabby is putting together a primer on how to write great week notes - and has even set a target to have 6 team members writing week notes in the next few months.

  1. I promise we’ll be back to weekly notes soon. It’s at the point now where even people in the team are calling me out on it.