Week 27

I’ve had quite an exciting week.

I’ve been in the news a little bit. The Times visited the office on Monday and interviewed me about the work my team and I do at GDS, and I ended up on page three of Tuesday’s paper. I spoke to the Evening Standard too. The response from my friends and colleagues has been great, even if my inbox has been a little bit manic.

I’ve been up to interesting things at GDS this week too. There’s a new GOV.UK project getting underway which we’re giving the working title ‘User Needs and Performance Reporting’. On Wednesday, a bunch of us met to talk about what that looks like in practice. Lisa and Ben are going to spend a bit of time exploring the ideas a bit further.

For the remainder of this week, I’ve been on the 2nd Line Support team, monitoring alerts and investigating any infrastructure issues that arise. It also includes the occasional deploy (for those without direct access) and, according to our wiki, becoming the Custodian of the GDS Badger.

Finally, I headed to Birmingham for Young Rewired State this weekend. I sat on the judging panel for two of the heats, and I also gave a short talk on Friday night about making the jump from hack days to writing code in a work environment. There were some incredible hacks built this week, my personal favourites including PiCycle and Train Tracker.

Next week might be a little quieter!