Week 24

I arrived home from Orlando on Wednesday, after two weeks away. The remainder of this week has been spent getting back up to speed.

I’ve started work this week on separating our internal related links into multiple groups. Instead of listing all related links together, they will be grouped into three categories: related items from the same sub-section (eg. Tax Credits), related items from across the parent section (eg. Benefits) and then those from other sections and elsewhere on GOV.UK. Guy built some prototypes for user testing at the end of June, and they performed really well.

Next week, I’ll be continuing work on related links, but we’re also having some MongoDB training scheduled - similar to the ElasticSearch training a few months ago. On Friday, I’m also helping run a ‘digital learning day’ for members of the Civil Service Fast Stream, where we’ll be giving an introduction to code and digital best practice to those who will be leading up digital projects around government in the future.