Week 30

With the bank holiday, this week’s been rather short.

On Tuesday, I built the new GOV.UK Help index page, based on Amy’s designs. Support pages are currently hard-coded in Frontend, but we’re moving them out into a new Publisher-managed format to make it easier to update. We’re renaming them to “Help” in the process.

On a similar theme, I’ve started work this week on also moving campaign pages from Frontend into Publisher. This is quite an interesting challenge, particularly around how we display the organisation’s logo from the whitehall app.

I enjoyed our office visit from Netflix’s Adrian Cockcroft on Thursday. Adrian gave a brilliant lunchtime talk about how and why Netflix are ‘cloud native’ and take an open source approach to their work.

And I also spent a little bit of time indexing the GDS attic of archived projects. It’s worth a look - there’s a lot more repositories earmarked to be moved there soon.