Week 32

This week is a tale of two teams.

I started the week with my final two days on the GOV.UK Mainstream team. I wrapped-up and handed over the work I’ve been doing on campaign pages to Steve. I also took the opportunity to pick up a few small stories and fixes across our apps.

On Wednesday, I started my first day working on the new User Needs and Performance Reporting team. Given the amount of thinking about this that’s happened so far, I decided to dive straight in and built a prototype of what the “Maslow” product could look like. If anything, it will give us a better sense of what we need out of the platform, and it’s been a chance to experiment with a bunch of ideas I’ve had, feeding in ideas from Ben, James, Lisa and Paul along the way. The result of three days of code has been something I’m rather happy with. Next week, we’ve planned a kick-off meeting for the project and I expect we’ll be starting our first sprint too. Exciting stuff!

I picked up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I made a last-minute call to attend the midnight release at my local games store in Chorley. Being in London most of the time, I’ve not had much chance to play, but the parts I have played have been very engaging and immersive. I’m looking forward to playing more over the weekend.