Week 36

This week, I’ve been continuing work on the User Needs project. We’ve done some planning to simplify what our minimum viable product looks like, and we’ve been cracking on with getting it built. I’ve worked on a user story to list all needs in Maslow from the Need API and I’ve been working on changing the format of a Need ID. I’ve also given Maslow a bit of aesthetic love and tidied up the form to make it easier to create a new need.

On Tuesday, I visited a school in Liverpool called The Studio School, which teaches a curriculum tailored to programming and games development. I gave a talk about what we do at GDS, what a developer does, and about the way that we work. I also had chance to meet the students and see what they’ve been working on. I really enjoyed my visit.

This week marked an important milestone: the first birthday of GOV.UK. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year already since we turned off Directgov and Business Link. In typical GDS style, we celebrated it with cake, badges, and a giant birthday card.

And I’ve built a dashboard this week for the office. It consumes the meeting room API which I built last week. The code for the dashboard is now on GitHub.