Week 34

At the start of the week, I continued working on User Needs with David and Stuart. I’ve been building out the Need API so that the Maslow client can create needs and fetch a list of all the organisations.

On Wednesday, I started a sprint on 2nd Line Support. It always seems to come around again quickly. So far this sprint, I’ve set up a new monitoring service we are trying out, which performs availability checks from around the world. I’ve also been doing some work with Signonotron2 (our single-sign-on OAuth2 Provider) to make it authenticate using bearer tokens rather than HTTP basic auth when it syncs new user permissions to apps.

I spent a bit of time this week experimenting with the Google Calendar API and the calendars for our office meeting rooms. I built a prototype in Ruby at the start of the week, and then I moved on to building something a bit more elegant using Go. It’s not quite ready yet, but stay tuned.

And finally, I enjoyed visiting the Open Data Institute on Friday. A cohort of GDS folk went along to a talk by Tom Armitage titled “Spreadsheets & Weathervanes”. I liked the diagrams on the walls there: I spotted some familiar-looking apps from our publishing platform.