Week 62

I’ve spent a bit of this week catching up. Whilst I was away, the ‘specialist’ team has been reshuffled to make two separate teams, 'search and browse’ and 'product gaps’. I’m sticking around in the former.

We’ve made a push to get the new “unified” search feature released this week. We’ve not quite made it, as we’ve decided to do a quick round of user research before we release it, but we’re on course to ship it next sprint. As part of this, I added spelling suggestions into unified search, based on the functionality in the existing tabbed search.

Later this week, I spent some time working with the team managing the Rural Payments Agency’s move to GOV.UK, to help resolve a few issues the agency is currently having with their content.

I also went along to Teacamp on Thursday night, where Janet was talking about the Identity Assurance project. I also went along to Russell and Matt’s “presenting club” on Friday morning.

And, after more than a year, I also finished watching The West Wing this week.