Week 67

This week has been quite busy. I’m writing this from a coffee shop at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, so apologies for this being a bit brief.

I feel as though this week has been tying up a few loose ends before I go away on holiday. Aside from that, there were a few highlights:

On Tuesday this week, I went along to the Efficiency and Reform Group’s ‘all hands’ event, where Mike and Russell talked about GDS. We had our regular sprint retrospective and planning in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I wrote a migration to automatically tag travel advice and business support schemes with organisations. This exposed some unnecessary coupling between our content models from years gone by, so I spent some time fixing that as well.

On Thursday afternoon, the Technology Clan had a field trip out to the Ministry of Justice. We watched their show-and-tell, and then had a joint session with their dev team where we each gave talks about some of the things we’ve been working on.

I paired with David S on Friday morning, as we added a new filter into Panopticon. It was good to be able to share around a bit more knowledge of how Panopticon works.

There won’t be any week notes for a couple of weeks whilst I’m away. Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions for my trip.