Week 77

Our team spent most of this week re-prioritising, working out what the most important things are from our roadmap. I think it was a worthwhile effort and has helped us to get a good perspective of what we should be doing next.

I used that as a chance to clean up our team wiki a bit too - the IA was a bit confusing and we still had a lot of pages around for “features” planned very early this year but which have since been consolidated, scrapped, or picked up by other teams.

I made a couple of prototypes of what policies could look like in the future, after the discussion we had last week. I’m experimenting with the idea of splitting apart the intent of the government from the actual projects and programmes that the government has committed to doing.

And on Thursday, I went to Brussels to meet with Neelie Kroes. We talked about the Young Advisors Group and Code Week, and I gave some feedback on the group which I hope will help to shape it in the next Commission.