Week 71

Short notes this week.

I started this week on the 2nd Line Support team. We had some excitement on Tuesday with the reshuffle, as Number 10 were keeping GOV.UK updated in real-time as the new ministerial line-up was announced.

On Wednesday, I went to Civil Service Live. I helped out on the GDS stand, talking to people about what we do. I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole event though: it felt like the balance between suppliers and civil servants tipped too far towards the former.

Later this week, back on the Search and Browse team, I started a story to add workflow to Panopticon for publishing tags from ‘draft’ to 'live’. It’s quite a big piece of work, and it’s not helped by the amount of tech debt in the app.

I went to the House of Commons on Tuesday evening. I never realised that you can visit the Stranger’s Gallery without a ticket. It’s really interesting to see Parliament in session.