Week 79

Short notes this week.

I spent the start of the week prepping for planning, as we’ve just finished a slower sprint where we spent most of our time ensuring our upcoming work is in order.

I picked up a small bit of work to stop the tags for content published in the Whitehall publisher from being changed in Panopticon. We’ve got plans to do the same for content published in Mainstream publisher, once we build functionality for content to be tagged in the publishing tool itself. Both these changes will make the transition to the Content Store easier.

In the latter half of the week, I attended the Bertelsmann Creativity & Innovation conference, at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. I was part of a panel on Thursday afternoon with Zach Sims, Lily Cole and Nick D'Aloisio. Martha hosted it, and we were joined on stage by will.i.am at the end. It was the first panel I’ve taken part in and I thought it went quite well.