Week 74

This week, we released two big features: the new browse design and the Services and Information Page (for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency). We had a retrospective on Friday to talk about their development and where we could do better.

I’ve been working on a story to add pagination to search. I started looking at refactoring the search controller in Frontend, modelling the search query as a model and making the presenter/model split cleaner. Unfortunately, it’s a much bigger job than could have fit into this sprint, and I really don’t want to rush changes like that as the existing tests aren’t great either.

In response to a request from David, on Tuesday I added support for a new argument in Bowler, so that users can now exclude an particular process from being started.

I switched the GDS Library app over to using Google authentication this week. I also used it as a chance to reset the list of loans and audit the books we’ve got, as the shelves have been looking a bit barren lately.

I’ve also started reading Sandi Metz’s Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby, which is brilliant.