Week 7

I started this week heading to Brussels for the first meeting of the Young Advisors Expert Group at the European Commission. There, I met the other young advisors and we also attended the launch of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. I wrote a bit about the event, and a few thoughts on where part of the solution lies, on the Government Digital Service blog.

I arrived back in London on Tuesday evening, and I’ve spent the rest of this week building a new app, which we’re calling transaction-wrappers. It is going to contain the FCO transactions which wrap around Barclaycard’s EPDQ payment service, and I’ve been working on a first-pass at four of the transactions: pay for a marriage certificate, deposit a marriage certificate, register a birth, and register a death. This app will also form the base for similar transactions around legalisation.

I’ve been doing a bit of spring-cleaning this week. I’ve moved a lot of my stuff into Dropbox and I’m trying to get into a better routine of taking notes, too. On Roo’s recommendation, I’m giving nvALT a try.