Week 19

The support pages gained some new content this week. I added a new answer to list the sets of data which we use on GOV.UK. We’ll add to it when we increase the amount of data sets we use in the future.

On Thursday, we had a retrospective with the digital team from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, looking at the months since December (when we started work to ‘transition’ the FCO’s website). Since then, we’ve built travel advice, legalisation and other consular payment transactions. There’s some really good feedback and we’re going to go into a bit more depth in subsequent sessions.

I looked into how we use ElasticSearch for GOV.UK search on Friday. Mazz and I built up a list of six or seven things we’d like to look into a bit more, which we’ll be doing next week. It includes things like setting a relevancy threshold for results and reviewing the 'stop’ words we filter out of search queries.

And I finished reading The Night Is Large this week, a collection of essays by the late Martin Gardner. I’ll write a short review soon :-)