Week 40

This week, I’ve been working with Paul to build the view pages for a need in Maslow. Paul has created a great layout for the view which focuses on clear text and big numbers, which strongly resembles content on GOV.UK.

I’ve also been tidying up the Need API, removing the asset pipeline and adding an index page which shows some basic information about the API and a list of the endpoints which it responds to. This should be a good starting point for anybody who is running the API in the development environment.

At the end of this week, I picked up another story: to add pagination to the Need API and Maslow. Pagination is becoming a greater priority as we have now created quite a lot of user needs. So far, I’ve changed the Need API so that it returns results in paginated sets, and next week I’ll do the other half of the work in Maslow so that it displays pagination and makes the correct requests to the API.