Week 45

I started this week by wrapping up the User Needs project. I fixed a few small things - like being able to change a Maslow need ID in Panopticon and making sure that needs can’t accidentally be created twice. I also wrote a blog post about how we built the Need API and Maslow in separate pieces. It should be published on the Technology at GDS blog tomorrow.

On Wednesday, I joined the Search & Navigation team full-time. This week, I’ve worked out what our MVP is with Brad and I’ve broken that down into user stories for our backlog. We’ve also had a chat about which industry sector we’re going to prototype with first (we’re going with Oil & Gas for now) and the taxonomy we’re going to build. I’ve been looking into how our tags currently work and how we might want to adapt them for the things we’re building.

This week saw two more Christmas parties. On Wednesday, I went bowling with the GOV.UK Mainstream team. We went over to Finsbury Park for pizza and two games of bowling. It was really good, despite my lack of bowling ability. On Thursday, I went along to the Efficiency and Reform Group’s Christmas party, at Admiralty House. It was a good send-off to what’s been a busy year.

These will be my final week notes of the year. Thank you to everyone who’s read them over the last twelve months. I’m going to have a quiet week with family and friends for Christmas, and I’m spending a week in Germany for New Year.