Week 48

I shipped something this week. The Oil and Gas browse page is now live on GOV.UK. It’s the result of two and a half weeks of work, and it’s not perfect, but the people who’ve I’ve shown it to are quite excited to see that work on the “specialist” front is real and happening.

I also shipped the Panopticon filters that I worked on last week. The content team liked those a lot too. On Friday, I decided to redesign the form for editing artefacts - what we call a piece of content on GOV.UK - and I’m quite pleased with what I hacked together in a day.

I refactored a bit of the Content API, to iron out the inconsistencies in some of the tag URLs. We would call a tag type, such as ‘section’, in both its plural and singular forms depending on where it was being used, eg. /tags/sections.json but /tags.json?type=section. I’ve changed this to make the singular the default everywhere, making sure the existing URLs do redirect so we don’t break clients.

And I gave Anthology some love this week. I’ve rebuilt the “add a new copy” view to make it clearer and easier to use, and I’ve tweaked button styles across the whole app. I’ve started work on making better filters for browsing books, so that larger libraries will be easier to browse through.

I’m well into the seventh season of The West Wing now. It’s getting good.