Week 57

On Monday, I had quite a few meetings and a couple of 1-to-1s with people. I had a catch-up with Glynn and Charles about installing tablets outside each meeting room, running Situation Room dashboard to show the status of each room. It seems like a thing we can do.

We finished our third sprint and started our fourth this week. I’ve been picking up a story to build an interface in Panopticon for managing tags. We had an existing feature to edit sections, and this will extend it to include specialist sector tags and add the ability to create brand new tags too. It will save us a lot of manual work for the transition once it’s done - our backlog’s currently getting tied up with lots of stories for writing migrations.

Clay Shirky kindly dropped by GDS Towers on Wednesday. He talked about the state of digital affairs across the pond, particularly the circumstances that caused Healthcare.gov to fail so spectacularly, and he had some nice words to say about what we’ve been doing.

We had a team lunch on Wednesday. I booked Belgo, fondly remembering a decent meal we had a couple of years ago on a Beta team outing. Unfortunately for us, it turned out to be pretty awful. Avoid!