Week 51

I started this week by spending two days on the 2nd Line Support team, monitoring the infrastructure alerts for GOV.UK. I used some of my time on the team to extend the Situation Room Dashboard to add a view for a single room that fits nicely on a tablet. I’d like to roll this out across the office so that it’s easier to see what’s happening in a room. It would be a pretty decent low-cost alternative to those big enterprise systems you see in large offices. I’ve emailed our office manager to see if I can get the ball rolling on this.

On Wednesday, we started our first sprint of the new GOV.UK Specialist project. We’ve had a talk about the words we’re using and we’ve decided to rename “industry sectors” to “specialist sectors”. This meant there were a fair few references to change across all our different apps, so I picked up the work to do that. Later on in the week, I was pairing with Tommy on a story to make every format in Whitehall register with Panopticon. We ran into a few issues around deciding how to store the format type of the content, as Whitehall’s model of types and subtypes is a bit different to the Publishing Platform’s.

I feel like I’ve really struggled to build up any enthusiasm for my work this week. It’s a shame. I hope it gets better next week.