Week 15

My week at GDS this week has been split between the new search team and the mainstream team.

On the search team this week, I worked with Mark to build a prototype of what search could look like if we displayed the top result from all three indexes above the tabs, which could help users looking for a government department or a specific title. We also prototyped how search could work if we consolidated the current three tabs down to just two. We had some good feedback from the work and there’s been some stories added to the backlog to build those ideas out properly next week.

On mainstream, I made another revision to the bank holidays bunting - this time we’re dropping it below the breadcrumbs and setting it back behind the content area, so it should be a bit more subtle. Check it out on Monday! I’ve also been working on the ability to upload caption files for video editions. We’re going to use the asset manager to host these files, so I’ve been extracting out some of the code I wrote to handle assets in travel advice publisher into our govuk_content_models gem.

And this week, the Inside Government team reached the milestone of moving 24 departments onto the site. We had a fitting celebration after work on Tuesday.