Week 80

At the start of the week, I made some changes to the Competition topic which had been requested by the Competition and Markets Authority. I also made a few changes so that gov.uk/transport is now also a topic, and not a redirect.

On our publishing tools this week, I’ve changed Panopticon so that we’ll be able to make changes to tags through JSON requests - part of a broader piece of work to move the UI for tag creation out into Collections Publisher. To help out the team working on User Needs, who want to “validate” the quality of a couple of thousand needs in the Need API, I built a thing that’s a bit reminiscent of the review-o-matic.

I organised our first meeting about the GDS Code Club this week. We decided what’s in, what’s out and what our next steps are. Since none of us have much free time at the moment, we’re keen on picking a good existing HTML/CSS/JS course and running weekly sessions to help people through it.

And on Thursday, we were visited by the Ordnance Survey, who talked about some of the mapping services and APIs they provide - and we had an interesting chat about how their PSMA licensing scheme applies when we build APIs using OS data.