Week 87

We released email alerts and the latest changes feed for sub-topics on Tuesday. For example, take a look at the most recent changes to content about PAYE. It was great to be able to hit our deadline on time, and for everything to be released without a hitch (we like making releases boring).

We also finished another transition blocker this week: merging the Schools and Colleges topic into the Children’s Services topic, creating a new topic: Schools, colleges and children’s services. This unblocked the transition of Ofqual to GOV.UK, and will also allow us to turn the Services and information page on soon for the Department for Education.

We’ve spent the rest of the week picking up fixes, writing documentation, and generally tidying things up. We’ve also been planning how we could build end-to-end monitoring for email alerts, to give us greater visibility on whether the entire email alert stack is working.

Finally, I wrote a blog post this week about the code club we’ve been running at GDS, and (more importantly) why it’s important to have a basic understanding of code at all. It’s live on the GDS blog, have a read.