Week 84

The second week in my flat has felt a bit more homely than the first. I’ve now moved in a lot of my things and my parents came and helped fix a bunch of things that needed doing.

On Search and Browse this week, I finished the work to add pagination to our new “latest changes” list for a sub-topic. (It’s felt like the work was a lot more complex than it should have been.) As we’re quite close to our deadline for releasing this work, along with the email alerts feature, I put up a ‘skirmish wall’ on Friday to help focus the team on the things we need to do.

We ran the second session of GDS’ code club on Thursday. We had a good turnout again, and at the end of the session everyone was building their own GOV.UK organisation page. I’m really pleased with the format and I’m hoping it continues through the remaining four weeks.

And along with a cohort of GDS folks, I went to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday for a guided tour. It’s not my first time looking around Parliament, but I always find it fascinating to be able to walk through the House of Commons and the House of Lords and see all the tradition that still remains.