Week 85

It’s been a busy week.

We had our sprint planning for our final sprint before our deadline for the HM Revenue and Customs transition to GOV.UK. Whilst HMRC won’t be fully transitioning for a little while, we’re aiming to finish up email alerts and the latest feed by December 2nd so that we have enough time for a gradual release.

I’ve picked up a few stories this week: I’ve added links through to the email subscribe page, and the latest feed, from the sub-topic pages. I worked with Guy to tidy up the design and copy on the subscribe page, to be clearer to users about what they should expect to receive if they sign up for emails. I’ve also updated Rails in a lot of our apps, as I noticed a few had fallen behind a bit.

We had the third code club on Thursday: we looked at the <div>, <span> and <table> elements, and then everybody made their own GOV.UK calendar page. A few people have also started making their own websites outside of the weekly sessions, so we had a show-and-tell at the end.

And I went to the Good Law Hackathon on Saturday, at the Ministry of Justice. It was a really interesting hack day - I ended up making something to analyse the occurrences of duties and powers across the statute book. If you missed it, there’s a good recap of the event on Storify.