Week 8

This week, I’ve been mainly wrapping up the initial build of the consular payment transactions from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. There’s been quite a bit of discussion around how the user journeys should be implemented and whether the individual “pay” transactions would be too ambiguous for the user’s need if they were to appear in search (many of these have associated smart answers or other guidance). Right now, we’re going to keep them in search, but keep a close eye on data of how people use them, and take another look if necessary.

I also spent a while making our plans for the Legalisation transactions simpler. I started a first pass on how the transaction-wrappers app could incorporate these and next week there’ll be a lot more work going on to build them out.

And, on Thursday, we had our second all staff event of the year at the Royal College of Surgeons, which was a great opportunity to show a few of the things we’ve been working on to wider GDS, and to find out a bit more about what everyone else is doing.